About Us

Scottish Iraqi Association (SIA) was established as the Scottish Iraqi Society in response to the growing needs of diverse Iraqi community and their families in Scotland  and this is stimulated by the community’s  desire and commitment to play a role in civil society and promote their sense of identity, celebrate their cultural heritage and fulfil their active participation in multicultural Scotland.


  • to advance citizenship and community cohesion for the Iraqi community through volunteering, civil and cultural activities promoting heritage and empowerment of this community to be an effective part of Scottish Society.
  • to advance cultural heritage including history, heritage, art, performing arts, language and traditions among the diverse communities in Scotland through delivering educational and learning activities celebrating diverse cultures as a means of active citizenship and promoting community cohesion.
  • to advance equality for and among diverse communities through celebrating cultural diversity and art as means to equal citizenship and strengthening bonds among all  community constituents promoting equal opportunities and community cohesion.

SIA will be active in developing, participating and delivering activities and initiatives in partnership with the local, regional and national partners, communities and relevant stakeholders to promote culture, art and heritage paying special attention to supporting the diverse communities regardless of any protected characteristics.